Ben and Amy’s Wedding

My family and I have just got back from a family wedding in the Dominican Republic and we had a great time. I’ve put together a website where all the guests can share their photos of the day.

The website itself can be found at , but is password-protected. If you want access, either contact myself or Lynne, who can sort it out for you. 

If you want to add your photographs to the website so everyone can see them, let me know and I will sort an album out for you.

Computer Training – get a new career now!

Ever seen those TV ads which promise a huge salary upon completion of a poxy online course? While watching TV last night I saw one of these ads and thought I would try it for a laugh.

I logged-on to the website for more details. One of the things you must do is complete an online assessment to check your “suitability” for this new high-flying career in the brave new world of Information Technology. I duly completed the 40-question “evaluation” and scored 38. The quiz itself was geared exclusively around providing support for novice  Windows PC users. There were some really bizarre questions though: what sort of file systems are available at install time of Windows 98? WTF? Windows 98 support from Microsoft ended nearly a year ago!

Anyway, once you’d scored more than a certain score (presumably 1), you were sent through to a page advertising their road-shows, which were scattered about the country, which is where I left things.

Or so I thought. The following morning (at 10:25, presumably once the girl in the office got round to it) I received an e-mail saying “well done, you’ve passed the assessment, click here to book an appointment” etc. The content of the e-mail wasn’t the problem though. It was the fact that the message was Cc’d to a collection of people who had obviously all done the same as me. There were a couple of obviously fake e-mail addresses (such as “”), but there were many that looked pretty genuine accounts.

I wasn’t particularly happy about this, so sent back the following note to the sender: 

Isn’t that a bit, well, crap, sending out e-mails with everyone’s e-mail address on display? While it is fun to imagine the Pope ( would wish to take up some basic training for a helpdesk career, should the plans with His Holiness not go as planned, I’m guessing that may be someone telling a little fib.

Computer training tip #1: use “Bcc” if you must do this – at least all the e-mail addresses will remain private. £50 please!