Friends Reunited

Why is Friends Reunited so crap?

I’ve just been onto the website having abandoned it for months following the discovery of Facebook. This was prompted by the receipt of one of their e-mails, which appear to be generated at completely random intervals.

You would imagine that they would try to keep things fresh, move stuff along technology-wise, and generally provide a better service than the more modern, free, and generally cleaner-looking Facebook rival. What’s more, I’ve noticed that the “pay to contact other people” option has now risen to £7.50 a year. Why pay that when Facebook provides it for free, without the really annoying ads or a cluttered interface?

As an example, I wanted to close my account there. No such luck (that I could see). Instead, I just tried to remove myself from all the schools listed. To do this, you need to go to the “My account” page (needing your password to be retyped), click on the relevant “Remove” link, “OK” to delete you from this school, then you are back to the main page. To delete yourself from another school, you need to do exactly the same again – including the re-typing of the password. Just too many steps to be a slick user interface.

Friends Reunited will eventually die as people abandon it, and advertisers get less and less value-for-money. Back in December 2005, ITV decided to buy Friends Reunited for £120m, plus a further £55m later on. Let’s hope they kept the receipt.