Spring cleaning

You would think I had nothing better to do with my life (I honestly do!), but it’s got to the point where I need to do a spring clean of my hard disk. Not due to lack of space (currently around 260GB free, plus 100GB for photos), but just because I’ve realised how much cack is actually lying around my machine. I’m also waiting for a 80MB download to finish and I “only” have 1Mb/sec broadband.

The big problem is that I’ve neglected doing so for a while. That phrase “a while” means something like 4 years. I’ve also purchased multiple hard disk upgrades in the meantime, so I’ve got a folder on my latest 300GB drive marked “Original drive”. Inside that is another folder marked “Original drive” (i.e. the disk two upgrades ago). I just never got round to cleaning stuff out.

Like the cupboard under the stairs, once you have a good rake around, it’s amazing what you can find. Stuff like:

  1. Back-level BIOS flash images for a motherboard I no longer own
  2. Stuff which I thought might be handy from when I used the university computer systems (that’s now 6 years ago). If I don’t know any of that stuff off by heart now, I should be shot.
  3. Multiple copies (all obviously undated or versioned) of various software projects I’ve embarked on over the years

All of this is before I begin to pick away at what’s been stored on my Linux backup server. Honestly – this time, I’m going to be better at keeping things in order…