Halo 3

It’s a while since I’ve enjoyed a decent spot of gaming and have heard recent news stories about the success of the latest Bungie release, Halo 3. I popped over to the Bungie Halo 3 website where I found a mammoth advertising machine, which included the astonishing website of a completely fictional war reporter who is supposed to be following the Master Chief during the battle with the Covenant*. What a great idea!

This website includes information about him, 21 “images” from his collection, an introductory video, and even a list of venues where his war exhibition can be seen during October. A very impressive-looking advert for the game.

For even more impressive videos and in-game footage, drop by the official Halo 3 website.

* For the uninitiated, the “Master Chief” is the good guy, with the “Covenant” being the invading force.