After a short internal debate about which one to get, my lens has arrived!!! 🙂

Woken by the postman at 7:30 this morning (grrr), after being up late last night sorting out my boot from CompactFlash and external USB HDD idea.

I took a couple of quick shots this morning and am very impressed so far. Autofocus is fast, smooth, and quiet. Weight is reasonable and feels well-built. I must admit though, it will never match my L lens for pure visual and tactile appeal.

Here’s the first shot I took using it this morning: my watch on the window-sill (to get plenty light). To avoid an unmanageably shallow DOF, I used aperture priority at f/4, but hand-holding the lens needed an ISO of 400 to get a reasonable shutter speed (1/50th). As you would expect at a focal length of 100mm, the DOF is tiny (around 1mm) which can be seen by the rapid loss of sharpness away from the focal point (the line across between the 45 and the 15 at the top), simply because I wasn’t pefectly oblique to the watch face. You can also see small flecks of dust which had landed on the watch face overnight. For reference, the silver-coloured circle immediately enclosing the “45” and “15” text is 7mm in diameter.

Plenty more macro work to come!!!