Baby scan photos

Katrina had her final scheduled baby ultrasound scan on Thursday, and this post is just to show off the picture. Our baby seems to dislike lying in a photogenic position, so this image is about as good as we’re going to get.

When you’ve seen the baby moving yourself, with a skilled sonographer (more later) walking you through the images on the screen then it’s much easier to pick out features than coming to it cold. To help you visualise what’s happening, you are looking at the right side of the baby, with it lying head to the right, face downwards.

In the image above you can make out the spine as the strong white line arcing across the top of the image. The thinner, longer, white line arcing over the top of that is the skin. The skull can be seen around the right hand side, with the bottom and a leg to the far left. A strong dark line about halfway down shows the profile of the front of the abdomen.

What never ceases to amaze me is how skilled the sonographers are, plus how technically astonishing the equipment is. Within seconds of switching it on, the operator had already pointed out a dark circle (apparently the bladder). Good – that’s the first health check done. What?!? How did you know which end was the head in that time?

It gets better though. After a quick tour round the rest of the major organs, we ended up at the heart. She pressed a few buttons to zoom in on the baby’s heart, beating away quite happily. Not just a beating heart though – you could clearly see each of the 4 chambers of the heart, complete with moving valves. Now I thought that was impressive, but then a couple of button-presses later and there was a false-colour image, showing the blood flow between each of the chambers. I mentioned that this was amazing and wondered how big the heart actually was. She said “oh, it’s quite big you know, about this sort of size”, and held up her thumb and forefinger to a circle about the size of a 50p piece. I then pointed out how small this actually was, considering it’s inside the baby, which in turn is inside Katrina.

I still don’t know which one I’m more impressed with: machine or operator. Either way, baby is well on the way to being happy and healthy.