A Bizarre Thing You Probably Never Knew

… well assuming you’ve never worked at IBM anyway.

At one point in its past, IBM had an official songbook printed. There are full details, including full performances, lyrics and music available on the IBM archive site. You can also find on the web the “Songs of the IBM” booklet front cover and lyrics on an independant website.

You can find in the booklet such memorable hits as:

  • “Ever Onward” (an IBM rally song)
  • “Hail to the IBM” (the IBM anthem)
  • “IBM One Hundred Percent Club” (100% referring to sales figures)
  • “March on with IBM”

As you might imagine for early 1930’s corporate America it’s all very jolly, bright and “ra-ra IBM”; although it does have a certain kitsch appeal to it. I really can’t imagine anyone I work with standing up every day for a quick rendition these days though. Certainly not before morning coffee anyway…