More macro messing

I’ve been having a bit more play with my new macro lens and have come up with this shot:

It’s the pattern made by washing-up liquid bubbles on the inside of a glass. I’ve turned it into a duotone, just for a bit more impact.

Strange thing is, I never set out to get that picture. I was aiming to capture “an enigmatic image of a glass which one could not determine whether it was half full or half empty”. Pretentious idiot.

I made a bit of an arse of the half full / half empty thing and decided to change tack by pouring a bit of cooking oil onto the top of the water and letting it settle. I wanted to see the two separate layers close up. I did capture a neat shot of some bubbles trapped in-between the layers, but that’s for post-processing some other time.

I was about to give up and squirted a load of Fairy liquid into the glass before throwing it down the sink. I stopped and noticed the patterns which quickly formed as the washing-up liquid sank to the bottom (with a strong blue hue), the water sat on top of this, and then the oil floated on that. The bubbles formed on top of the oil, and that’s how I ended up with this image.