It’s amazing what people will buy

It is truly amazing the stuff that people will buy, especially over on the global tat bazaar that is eBay.

I recently had a clear-out of my “odds and sods” computer box at home and found an ancient Iomega Zip drive (original ATA internal 100MB drive), along with 6 blank discs. Total formatted storage capacity is around the 580MB mark. I managed to sell this pack of disks for a profit of around a fiver. Now at the time of writing, I can find a 1GB USB2 flash memory stick for a little over seven quid. A flash drive is lighter, smaller, more reliable, more widely accepted in machines, and faster.

Now on to the other item which I’ve recently tried to get rid of: a decent quality ATX PC case. You can pick up a cheap one online (without PSU) for about twenty-five pounds. I put mine up for sale at a tenner, but got no interest. I finally managed to give it away gratis today.

So how come someone will pay a tenner (by the time the buyer included P&P) for slow, outdated technology with a far more capable alternative; yet no-one will pay a tenner for a perfectly serviceable unit that would last for at least the next five years? As I said, it’s amazing what people will buy.