Stupid Things That I Do

I do stupid things often. Normally I can limit myself to one act of stupidity per day (such as the incident with the light-bulb), but today I’m typing this blog entry gingerly because I have a badly bruised finger, due to two stupid things within the space of 30 minutes.

I was at our local butchers today: R. Owton in Southampton – highly recommend them, especially the sausages. They sell pre-wrapped packs of mince in their freezer next to the counter. Just help yourself to the packs and pay over the counter. Now they don’t stock supermarket-perfect 454g per pack portions, just whatever was picked up by the butcher when he was packing it, so sizes vary. I saw a good-sized pack which I thought would be useful for lasagne, but found it was frozen solid to the pack underneath.

No problem, just prise them apart. Nope: stuck solid.

I know: just a light tap against the side of the freezer should fix it. Nope: still stuck solid.

OK: one harder tap should fix it. Thump!!! OW!!!! Do you know how hard frozen mince is? What I hadn’t noticed was that I was leaning into the freezer, using my right hand for balance on the side. I had just tapped the mince against the side of the freezer, only to find it was actually the little finger on my right hand. Stupid act #1.

It went bright red and started throbbing immediately – even pressing against a (different) pack of frozen mine didn’t relieve it any. Anyway, bought the rest of the food needed and drove home.

My wife recommended putting the finger under running water to ease the pain – good plan. I did this for a couple of minutes, then tried to shake the water off my hand before towel-drying it.

Thump!!! OW!!! I had just shaken my hands in the kitchen sink, but banged the already-bruised finger hard against the side of the bowl. Stupid act #2.

So as a result of today, I’ve got a little finger which is bruised and sore.