Baby stuff

After much “encouragement” by my wife, I’ve started to consider the possibility that we may possibly need to transport the impending baby somehow. I’ve therefore started looking at prams* and pushchairs.

Holy Moly!!! What an incredible choice is out there. Every possible scenario is catered for by at least four different manufacturers, each with two or three variants in terms of cost, plus a couple of different designs thrown in for the image-conscious parent. Want to do an Alpine expedition, but still allow grandparents to quickly pick up the baby in their car and go at a moment’s notice (who expects to get anything done quickly with a baby anyway)? No problem: there’s something out there for you in blue, pink or 6 different “contemporary designs”, along with a matching changing bag.

I’ll undoubtedly have much to-ing and fro-ing across the internet and local shops before we make a decision, but rest assured, I’ll let you know what it is and why.

* The programmers out there will appreciate that, through force of habit, it is significantly harder to type “prams” than it is to type “parms”

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