The Free Festive Gift

Well it’s now 6 weeks to Christmas and you’re probably starting to wonder what to buy for those people who have everything. Well I have something that is both practical and free!

There’s a whole raft of novelty USB gadgets knocking about at this time of year, from a USB Fridge to a USB Cup Warmer, but these things all cost money. What I have for all your Christmas present woes is the magical Mince Pie Warmer application. Simply place your mince pie next to the CPU cooling outlet of your laptop, download and run this app (no install needed!), and hey presto, your mince pie will be warmed to something slightly above room temperature. During the heating of the pie, your laptop battery may diminish, and other applications may feel sluggish as it does use 100% of the CPU to achieve the necessary heat output.

I must admit that I have succumbed to commercial pressures and hurried out a version 1 application in order to catch the Christmas rush. Version 2 will automatically detect how many CPU cores you have and use all of them for optimum pie-warming capabilities.

Just click here to download my mince pie warmer application.