Getting All Maternal

Went out today and bought a sterliser, bottles, and bottle warmer for when the baby arrives. Also bought a set of scales (the sort for weighing oneself with). The whole trip to Argos would have normally cost well over a hundred pounds, but with a £10 gift card I received a while back, plus 20,000 nectar points, we walked out without paying a penny. That’s a good start.

When we get home to look at the bottles though, I suddenly come over all maternal. No, not paternal, maternal. I start making big “awwwww” noises and commenting on “how cute” the 125ml bottles look. I must be getting soft in my old age. Back to the bottles though – they really are tiny. These small food sources (which baby won’t “eat” all of for a while) are impossibly small. For reference (I measured it)*, 125ml is two mouthfuls for me. Say what you want about me having a big mouth, but that’s small by anyone’s standards.

Here is a photo, with a suitable object provided as a size comparison.

* without using the bottles!!!

One comment

  • Those Avent bottles will quickly become too small (see I am sad enough to be able to spot the brand). We’ve been using some Tommee Tippee ones that are much bigger, and the teat is better because it helps avoid wind and mimics the breast better. Remember – you have to avoid bottles in the first three weeks to avoid nipple confusion (that is if you are going for some level of breast feeding). It’s all so technical!