Christmas Crafts – Activity 1

My wife runs a Rainbow unit, which is the very youngest branch of Girl Guiding. Every week I help out and I am also a registered Unit Helper: literally a proud card-carrying member of Girl Guiding UK.

We’re now fully into the swing of the Christmas crafts, and today has seen me preparing this week’s craft: a reindeer tree decoration made from two clothes pegs. Thought I would blog about this to share the various Christmas activity ideas we’re doing at the minute. Here’s what you need:

  • Two wooden clothes pegs
  • One small pom-pom
  • Two small stick-on goggle-eyes
  • Red foam
  • Green foam
  • A length of red ribbon, about 4mm wide, 20cm long
  • Strong glue (I used UniBond “No More Nails” from a cartridge gun)
  • Regular paper glue (such as Pritt-Stick)

Take one of the wooden pegs apart and discard the spring. Using the strong glue, stick the two halves together using their flattest surfaces, with about 1cm of the ribbon glued between the two halves of the peg at the widest end. Take another peg apart and glue the other end of the ribbon into it in the same way. Wait until the glue is dried (No More Nails claims 24 hours) and then stick the two pegs together. Make sure you don’t get the ribbon twisted and you should end up with something like the following (I did 10 of these yesterday and today).

We do that stage, rather than the girls, for several reasons:

  1. it can require some precision to get a usable base to do a finished decoration
  2. we don’t want 5-year-olds messing around with No More Nails
  3. it takes ages to do

The basic shape is now there, with the nose being the pointy end and the antlers being where the ribbon is joined. Once that’s all dried, you’re onto the really fun part of decorating it! Everything from here should stick on OK with just standard paper glue.

The red pom-pom is his nose, and the eyes are fairly obvious: stick them at about the same height as the first notch away from the nose. For a small amount of Christmas-themed decoration, cut out two holly leaves from the green foam, and punch out a couple of dots of the red foam for berries. Arrange that in a suitably-artistic fashion and you should end up with something like the following:

Next time – CD snowflakes!!