Disconnected Words

According to the calendar on my blog, it’s been a week since my last entry. Hardly the “one-a-day” entries I was hoping for. This has been a combination of visiting family in our native Sunderland and being monstrously busy at work.

Drove North on Friday night, returning Monday. Unfortunately we stayed with my wife’s parents and a lack of broadband meant a long time disconnected from the 21st century. I’m blessed with an IBM ThinkPad, courtesy of work, but you don’t realise how much in the machine just assumes that you’re permanently connected to the outside world.

Open the lid to power-on and immediately the wireless card goes into a strop, stating rather huffily that no wireless network could be found and demanding that you find one before even contemplating carrying on with what you intended to do (usually demo a few pictures from the local disk). But then subtle things happen, such as network connections suddenly deciding their status needs to be refreshed and hanging the GUI threads until a 30-second timeout pops and returns with the helpful message “The network connection could not be found” – yeah! I know! I left that network behind three layers of security over 300 miles away! I’m not surprised! And while we’re on the subject, why did you think I wanted something from there in the first place?

We’re back now in the land of 24/7 internet (well, more like 23.995/7 due to temporary disconnect / reconnects with the broadband) and normal blog service has resumed. That’s not necessarily good news though…