New Month!

Blimey! December already!

My blog is into it’s third month and I’m quite enjoying the writing challenge – my aim is to write and then post without hesitation, repetition, or deviation. I keep proof-reading to a minimum (you’d probably guessed that bit already), as this is a blog, not some exercise in polished prose.

It’s also been slightly better-read than I thought it would: my wife likes reading it, along with my Dad and sister. According to my hosting account stats, my blog site averages 100 hits a day. That’s not necessarily 100 people though – it includes everything – each image or stylesheet loaded seems to count as 1 extra “hit”, plus there’s a load of search engines out there which will all drive the stats up. As an example, Google accounted for 355 hits during November (hence reduce average hits a day from 100 to 88). Based on other stats available (I don’t use tracking cookies), I think 100 visits in total during November by humans is about right.

The biggest surprise though, was that doing a search for “spinning rust” on Google brings my blog up as the first hit, which was a little unexpected.