The Stupidty of Hoarding

I hoard stuff; much of it relates to computers.

What happens is several years down the line I dig out an item once stashed away “in case I might need it” and then realise it’s been over 5 years since I even saw one of them in operation, let alone needed it to fix a problem. The last clear-out I had was building my current PC, when I discovered an original ATA-33 cable in my box o’ bits (actually that was marked as ATA-XXXIII).

So tonight I decided that I no longer needed a floppy drive in my PC. I’d put it in simply because there was one in my last PC. This is despite the fact I can get more data onto the freebie USB memory sticks you get these days, and anything installable comes on CD or as a download. Step 1 (because I hoard stuff) was to make a virtual image of each of the disks I own (in case I might need it). Step 2: I inspected each virtual image and then threw away any that were just used temporarily at some point in the past. That was fairly easily done. Step 3 was removing the drive and powering-up. All was good.

The next step is the really stupid part – I realised that during the wheat / chaff sorting in step 2, I had actually kept the physical disks to one side, ready to be put into the cupboard “in case I might need them”. Why? The whole bloody point of the exercise was to get rid of the floppy drive: the only means I have of reading the damn things.

Hoarding things is stupid.