Movies This Month

We received the Sky magazine recently. Mostly rubbish as usual, but there’s the included movie guide which gives “the lowdown” on films on Sky this month. As if my film reviews mean anything, here’s my picks of December:

  • Casino Royale – despite being Bond, it’s different. Thoroughly enjoyable. (22nd – 28th)
  • Hot Fuzz – Hilarious. Not quite Shaun of the Dead, but entertainingly different (29th – 4th Jan)
  • The Prestige – haven’t actually seen this one, but did fancy it at the cinema (8th – 14th)
  • Cinderella Man – wasn’t bad (18th)
  • Event Horizon – scared the s*** out of me years ago, but still a good film (27th)
  • Serenity – was my favourite film of 2005 – may not appeal to those completely averse to sci-fi though (6th)