My Most Primitive Instincts

I was doing some fairly routine domestic task tonight and then suddenly hit upon one of my most primitive instincts: the urge to dismantle things. For as long as I’ve been able to hold a screwdriver, I’ve always wanted to take things apart – sometimes to see how they work; sometimes to try to fiddle with it to make it “better”. Tonight was no exception. In my defence, I can’t remember the last thing I took apart and failed to reassemble in at least the same state as it was originally.

The powder drawer on our washing machine needed a good clean and this provided a quick ‘fix’. There’s a couple of components to the drawer – firstly you need to pull the drawer out to the stop, then press the release lever and completely withdraw it. Next you can pull out the bit which holds the fabric conditioner, and the obsessive dismantler can continue to remove the minute release lever plastic moulding. Hey presto! Within 60 seconds what was one washing machine now has a drawer lying around, with two extra bits conjured from nowhere.

OK – time to start cleaning. But that drawer has some really awkward-to-reach places and the aperture is really difficult to get my large hands in. Hmmm.

Like a red rag to a bull, removing the drawer reveals three screw-heads. What happens if I undo these? It looks like it would release more of the inner water collection tray for easier cleaning. 5 minutes later and we have a partially-removed front panel (although still hanging on by some useful-looking wires). After some gentle wiggling and closer inspection, I decide that’s a no-go and put everything back where it was and settle for the pleasant knuckle-scraping it’ll take to get to the back of the unit.

You’ll be pleased to hear that everything was reassembled fine and it went through a rinse cycle without any problems. Actually, while I’ve got the screwdriver set out, the space bar on my keyboard feels a bit funny. Back in a sec.