My First Blog Post

… well that’s blatantly not true is it? This is day 62 of my blog and I’m sure I’ve written something already. I actually made a start on blogging back in May 2005 on our IBM internal blog tool.

The following is the sixth post I made on this original IBM blog (the previous 5 were test posts and IBM-internal stuff): it is dated 22nd August 2005 and entitled “Children”.

Preamble to text below – it should be fairly obvious that I don’t have children. Having reassembled a non-childproof house following a visit by three ‘nieces’ (aged 8, 4 and 11 months), I’m reflecting on what happened over the weekend.

One thing I can never grasp about children is how incomprehensibly small they are. Even up to early teens they are so tiny. Taking the 4-year-old for a walk to the park yesterday, she wanted to run there while holding my hand. I set off with one of those funny runs that’s only just faster than walking pace and nearly pulled her arm off. OK then, we’re going to have to run a little slower. Even with a brisk walk and a long stride, she struggled to keep up and was out of breath at the end of it.

The small crawling thing was equally entertaining. Her foot was the same size as my finger. That’s just wierd. One ace up her (soggy) sleeve was the ability to put her foot in her mouth. At what age do we lose that ability? I think it’s probably not long after deciding you don’t need your foot in your mouth anyway.

We borrowed a dance mat from a friend for the PlayStation. Of course, you have to test the thing before letting kids loose with it, don’t ya? Well I tried and failed miserably, demonstrating once and for all that I have no co-ordination. I, of course, blamed it on the fact that the dance mat was too small – the mat was convinced I was standing on both the front and back pads simultaneously, while standing stationary in the middle “dead” zone.

From the same friend we also borrowed an eye-toy. Now that’s very clever. Considering the hardware is just a fairly cheap USB webcam, the picture quality was surprisingly good and the motion recognition was pretty accurate. It demanded quite a lot of light (but that’s true of even broadcast-quality camera setups), but once working the playability and lack of lag were superb. Gives you a through work-out without spending a fortune at the gym. Point to note, however, close the living room curtains first unless you want to entertain the neighbours.

My IBM blogging activity didn’t last that long (just a dozen or so posts). In case you’re wondering, the blog was titled “Committed to Transactions”, which is a terrible pun on the transactional systems we build here in Hursley.