Is it still Tuesday?

I’m all messed-up.

Was a bit ill yesterday and stayed in bed (sleeping) pretty much all day. That meant I wasn’t too tired last night and didn’t go to bed until about 1:30am this morning (Tuesday).

I lay awake for ages (last time I checked the clock, it was 3am). Still Tuesday.

Slept for about an hour, then woke up again to get my wife some toast, needed to stave-off the ongoing pregnancy nausea. Still Tuesday.

Took ages to get back to sleep – my coughing was keeping me awake at this point. Feel asleep round about 6ish. Still Tuesday.

Woke up again for some reason or another about 6:50. Hmmm… it’s Tuesday.

Couldn’t get back to sleep, so went downstairs and watched the telly for a bit until 9:30. Had breakfast. Still Tuesday.

Got up, did stuff round the house (holiday this week) and then had lunch. Took my wife to a midwife appointment, went to a garden centre and Hobbycraft. Yet despite all this, when we get back, it’s still Tuesday.

It’s now 3:30 – off to have a snooze and when I wake up, it will still be Tuesday.

And then later, I’ll make dinner, eat it, wash up, sit down and it will still be Tuesday.

How many hours can a day really last?