Blogroll Isn’t Funny

You may have noticed the “blogroll” heading in the column to the left here and thought I fancied myself as a pun-meister par excellance. I would like to state now that the phrase “blogroll” is not big, not clever, and not mine.

Only today have I worked out how to change the title, but unfortunately I can’t think of anything better. Obviously, back in the good old days before blogging, someone said “I want to have a snappy name for a list of links for my blog. A bit like a roll-call.”. Someone shouted out “blogroll” and fell on the floor laughing. Everyone else thought it was crap, but it was deadline day and we got stuck with it.

We need at most two words to fit in the column width. “blogroll” isn’t great: “links” is just tedious; “others” is too generic; any takers?

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