Home on the Range

Well I’m back in my own home again after a very pleasant long stay with my parents in Sunderland. Going away for longer than a weekend shows how things can change in just a few days.

Last night it was dark, but this morning, daylight has revealed the fence between us and next door has been damaged badly by the apparently high winds I was driving through yesterday.

There’s scaffolding surrounding one of our neighbours houses which wasn’t there in December and there’s always a small amount of curiosity as to exactly what work they’re having done.

Despite the topsy-turvy world which we live in, the plant on our kitchen window-sill remains resolutely unkillable. It needed watering before we left, I forgot, and yet when I returned, it just waved hello (admittedly that might just have been a draught) and waited patiently for a drink which took until this morning to arrive. I would tell you the name of the plant that’s easy to keep, but I’m clueless in such matters. Here’s a picture instead.