Collecting Cards

This post was going to be titled “What’s in Your Wallet?”, but then I realised it clashed with that really naff set of adverts on the TV for some credit card company.

I received a nice new leather wallet for Christmas and today decided to transfer the contents from my old tatty one into the new shiny one. But let’s see exactly what was in there.

  • Money – none. Hmmm…
  • 3 credit and debit cards – ok, need them in there (what else is a wallet for?)
  • Photos of me and my wife – useful in case I need to remember what she looks like. Either that or this “sentimental” stuff I’ve been hearing so much about
  • Driving licence – a must for when I’m out and about in the car. Never been stopped by the police, but it is good to have some universally-accepted ID on me at all times
  • AA membership card – never been needed since the dark days of the Mk I Renault Laguna, but handy to have. I suppose it could be left in the car, but as they always insist in the commercials, it’s you that’s the member, not the car, so might come in handy if I’m ever being driven anywhere (yeah, right)
  • Nectar card – I may have sold my soul to the God of consumer profiling, but at least it’s worth 300 quid
  • Membership card for the club at IBM Hursley where I work – never been checked, but you are supposed to have it whenever you are there

OK, so far, so good. Maybe there’s a little excess baggage in there, but the lack of twenty quid notes makes up for the space used. Then it gets strange though. I also discovered the following:

  • My Girl Guiding appointment card – I’m a fully-registered unit helper for my wife’s Rainbow unit, hence the card.
  • My BCS membership card – The British Computer Society is the closest IT people come to having a professional body

I’m not really sure why these were ever in my wallet. It’s not through some back-pocket hoarding, but I think simply a lack of other places I can safely put credit-card sized pieces of plastic. I don’t think I was ever going to be in a situation where I need to pull out my wallet, push through a crowd of worried-looking people and shout “stand back – I’m a computer scientist – I can help here”. The same can be said for the Girl Guiding card. I don’t think there’s many occasions when one would need to organise an emergency game of “Sharks are coming“, or “Traffic Lights“.

The cards haven’t made the transition to my new, lighter wallet and have been dumped into that drawer which everyone has that’s full of assorted junk. I’ll probably end up writing a blog entry very soon about my spring cleaning antics, when I rake through that drawer and pull them out, wondering why I kept them.

Footnote: I’m normally a pretty quick and accurate typist, but for some reason today my brain thinks “type the word ‘wallet'” and my fingers respond with “wallter”, which I don’t even think is a valid word. No idea why.