No News is not Necessarily Good News

I have no news today. That is not good news for those who try to blog every day (like myself) and definitely not good news for those who try to read it.

Tedium: the high winds of late have now completely destroyed the fence panel between us and next door. This morning it was flapping backwards and forwards, only being saved from falling to the ground by having a privet hedge on one side and our barbeque on the other. Even the post which attached it to the house had been ripped away from its (single) fixing. The screw holding it in place had simply sheared off. Today it took all of 5 minutes to pull it away and fold it into a small stack of soggy timber in the garden.

Talking of privet, we had a ready-made curry from M&S on Wednesday night and I took the Chicken Tikka Masala option. Quite tasty, but in the pilau rice was a few leaves which I swear were privet. Right size, shape, texture and colour — everything. I’m guessing it’s not standard Southampton privet hedge. Perhaps free-range Northumberland privet?

This is not just privet, this is M&S privet.

Contribution from my wife (who would really like me to put the laptop down now):

this is the end

Good night.