Plants and bricks

To make up for the heinous crime of not blogging for a whole weekend, I’m writing two entries today.

We have two plant pots sitting on the patio in our back garden. The recent monsoon weather seems to have kept the soil in the pots permanently waterlogged, despite having decent drainage at the bottom. I think it’s because they’re sitting directly on the patio and there’s nowhere for the water to go. To cure this, I decided to sit the pots onto two bricks and allow some air to circulate underneath and the water to drain away.

What I wanted to happen was for my wife to notice the plant pots up on bricks and ask “why are they on bricks?”. The answer I really wanted to give was “because someone’s nicked the wheels”.

Unfortunately, that never happened because Katrina didn’t notice. Does the phrase “it’s the thought that counts” work for comedy too?