Camping in my own back garden

I needed to take out the rubbish tonight, so a trip down to the end of the garden was required. Now it’s been raining a lot round here recently and the end of our garden is terrible for retaining water, making it a very slippery quagmire at times.

A year or two ago I put some stepping stones down, such that neither me nor my wife would slip when putting out the rubbish, or hanging clothes out to dry. These work great, but unfortunately I needed to space them such that they would match Katrina’s legs, not mine. I can still walk down them, but they’re quite a short stride for me.

Now tonight I just shoved my very flat deck shoes on before going outside, but still had my work trousers on. That means that the bottom edge of my trousers can brush slightly against the ground. To counter this, I had to slightly pull up my trouser legs to avoid them getting covered in mud.

Thankfully I went out after dark tonight, otherwise the neighbours would have been treated to the sight of me tottering down the garden, hoisting up my trousers and picking my way carefully down the garden while holding a bin bag, in what was a disturbingly camp fashion.