Now That’s Even More Confusing

I think I’m starting to get the hang of the wierd taps now. Well, I did until I used the toilets a floor below me today.

In the gents’ on my floor, all of the hot taps are left-hand threaded (i.e. turn them clockwise for on) and all the cold taps are right-hand threaded (i.e. turn them anti-clockwise for on). Now in the one I just visited there is the same layout of 5 handbasins. Through a quick process of trial and error I discovered:

  • 2 have had their taps replaced for a different design and both appear to be normally-operated
  • 1 original set of taps has normal operation
  • 1 original set of taps has both left-hand threaded
  • 1 original set of taps has the hot as a right-hand thread and the cold as a left-hand thread (which is the opposite of the ones upstairs).

Now you figure that out without getting water everywhere.

I think the builders had the trainee plumber in when they were installed. Either that or someone with a wierd sense of humour.