Crap Pantomimes

My wife was watching ITV’s "This Morning" today, and their regular competition came on. The usual sort where you (and 2m other people) answer a question via a £1.50 telephone call for the chance of winning a holiday. Today’s was some glitz palace in Saudi Arabia, and the question was something along the lines of:

In the fairytale, how many times did Aladdin need to rub the genie’s lamp? Was it (a) 3 times, (b) 33 times, (c) 333 times?

Now how crap would a pantomime be if you needed to rub the lamp 333 times? They’re never normally great, but you would need an interval just for that.

New Glasses

After two weeks of waiting, I’ve finally managed to get my new glasses.

New Glasses

As you can see from the picture, I’ve gone for the partial-rim style, which (I think) looks quite nice. One of the strange things you need to get used to, though, is seeing "ghost" images in your peripheral vision.

I’m guessing it’s due to total internal reflection (where light bounces off the inside edge of the glass) that I can see these artifacts. Like the time when you first wear glasses and can see the frames for a few days, I think this will quickly disappear.

These are also a significantly different shape to my other lenses: my previous pair were much rounder and this again will be something I need to adjust to.

Windows Live Writer part 2

Following on from yesterday’s discovery of Windows Live Writer, I wrote about how smart the preview option was.

Now today has seen an update from the Windows Update service, which improves on it even further. It can now make it look exactly like a new post has been added. Whereas yesterday it replaced the last post for the preview, it now works out what the blog page will look like and constructs it without overwriting any previous posts. To gain this magical functionality if you’ve already installed it, go to Weblog -> Edit Weblog Settings… -> Editing tab and click the "Update Style" button. Say yes to the test post.

I am now very, very impressed.

Windows Live Writer

I logged-on to Windows Live messenger today and a new version (8.5) has become available; of course I’ve downloaded and upgraded immediately.

One of the optional extras it offered on installation was the use of Windows Live Writer which is a tool for publishing to your blog, much in the same way as I do at the minute with w.bloggar. What the Windows Live writer app offers me is the ability to do WYSIWYG editing, even down to downloading the style sheet used for my blog and rendering in exactly the same way.

It’s also very smart in the preview window – for example previewing this entry re-uses the last entry I wrote (entitled “No Baby”), but swaps the text around as if this entry were already published (click for full-sized snapshot). Note that in the preview, the “No Baby” post is missing and the text of this entry replaces it.

Clever preview

Now that’s quite smart.

No Baby

Today is baby’s due date and, saving a miraculously-short labour, hasn’t arrived on time. Apparently 95% of births don’t arrive on their due date anyway.

The bags are packed, the house is tidy, and the nursery’s ready, so it’s waiting time now.

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