My Sink Can’t Make up its Mind

My bathroom sink can’t decide what it wants to do.

Things started a while back, when I realised it was draining away very slowly. So slowly, in fact, that turning the tap on full without the plug in would start to fill the sink. Not an ideal input / output situation to be in. So I eventually got round to clearing the trap of all the gunk which just accumulates over the years. Once that unpleasant job was completed, things were much better. It makes a good draining sound as the water quickly disappears.

Then yesterday, the hot tap decided to play up. Things start OK, but water flow quickly slows to a trickle. Hmm… time to dismantle and remove any debris from the tap.

So first it won’t empty fast enough, now you can’t fill it fast enough. Who would have thought a sink could have a mind of it’s own?

My wife’s answer was to replace the bathroom. 🙂