A Few More Photos

I went out just before sunset today and had a play around with my newest lens. Here’s a pick of what I ended up with (all now on Flickr):

Broken Branch

This was a branch, which I think had been shredded by one of those mechanical hedge-cutters that’s like a giant cylindrical lawnmower.

Old camera

An old security camera on a remote Southern Water building near Hedge End station.


The sunlight across an electricity supply pole.


The texture of barbed-wire against a steel post.


The texture of barbed-wire against a wooden post.

Insects in the sunlight

Pushing manual focus abilities to the limit (and it shows!) trying to catch midges backlit in the sunset.


Some ivy on a gatepost.


A nicely-textured steel gate, with some welding detail.

Chain around post

More textures of chains around wooden posts.

Moon lit by sunset

Gratuitous shot of a sunset-lit moon.