Health Visitor 2 – The Return of the Weigh-In

Like an old Hollywood movie franchise, this blog post is pretty much the same as the first one, but with minor details of the plots changed to bring it more up-to-date. In our case, the weights have changed slightly (of Lucy, not the health visitor).

Yes, today was the second coming of the health visitor to our house. Next time it’s an away fixture, though, with Katrina taking Lucy to clinic. Giving her credit where credit’s due, the HV appears to have read the previous blog entry and responded well to the criticism*. I still have no idea what she does, because she turned up again, asked a few questions of Katrina and Lucy, scribbled a bit in a book, then weighed the baby (again, at our request) and left.

Weighing Lucy is a bit like playing Russian roulette, except that you have to suffer the consequences if you lose, and clean the mess up afterwards. Weighing is always done completely naked, which means even the nappy must go. Of course, there is then a window of opportunity between whipping the nappy away and placing her on the scales when your hand is in a prime location for a semi-permanent reminder of eau-de-baby-bot. Then there’s the reverse but this time with more chambers loaded: she’s now been naked for a good couple of minutes and usually crying because she’s cold, so all her body is pretty rigid. You don’t have to be a parent long before you discover what happens when your baby tenses their stomach muscles.

The weight today (as expected) was up on last weeks total: 4.70kg (10lbs 6oz). HV said she expected a bit more weight to be gained, but I thought 5oz in 9 days wasn’t too bad going. As she didn’t elaborate or seem concerned, then we’re happy. Lucy seems healthy and content, which is all we’re asking for at the minute.

* No, not really – she was probably just a bit better organised this time.

Back-dated posts

As you can imagine, life with a 2-week-old baby is a little more busy than in my pre-parenthood days, hence the couple of recent posts which have been back-dated to cover what’s been happening recently.

Things are starting to settle though – we’ve had a good day out today doing various bits of shopping and Lucy seemed oblivious to the fact that we’ve been in the car, in and out of shops and then driving back home. Quite content there in her car seat and pram.

Way back when, I wrote that I would summarise the choices made about the various transport systems we’ve chosen, and that will be the subject of a post in the very near future (near being a relative term for a new parent, not the “normal world” mind you).

Health Visitor

Today saw the first appearance of our named “health visitor”: a fat, sour-faced, ageing woman whose role in all this I’m still trying to figure out.

Ante-natal care was great (ante-natal classes aside) with our very friendly local midwife team of Amy, Faye, and Fiona. Couldn’t have asked for more. Same with the various check-ups and hospital visits Katrina endured during the difficult pregnancy. Once in labour, the team who stuck with us and eventually delivered the baby were wonderful and Katrina’s only complaint about the whole stay in hospital was the quality of the tea-bags. It really was that good.

So now we reach the part where… well I don’t know exactly where we are. Lucy has been born and is doing well. Why we need someone to come round our house and do paperwork is beyond me. There was a perfectly good system in place where we saw friendly people at our local doctor’s surgery every couple of weeks (weekly towards the end) for both Katrina’s and unborn-baby’s health. Now we have a miserable woman turn-up asking a miscellany of questions, filling-in paperwork and then leaving. She didn’t even need to weigh Lucy, it was our choice.

And why am I not over-enamoured by this woman? Well, her general attitude is just a bit rubbish and slightly condescending. She’s also a mumbler which I can’t stand; and gets irritated when asked to repeat something. For a woman who’s supposed to be encouraging the health of a child, her physique is hardly something to aspire to either. We both think she smells a bit too. She turned up without some of the booklets we were supposed to receive: if I turned up in front of a customer at work that ill-prepared there would be some very awkward questions asked later.

Even the initial introduction was poor – she sort of introduced herself (by name alone) then set about silently scribbling stuff in a notebook for a bit without letting us know what would be happening, or what she was doing. That’s just rude.

I learned later from Katrina that it is likely this woman is our named health visitor for the foreseeable future (unless until she has a heart attack). I hope I grow to like her because initial impressions are poor.

Lucy’s weight today was 4.560kg (10lbs 1oz), which means she has now re-attained her birth weight and has put on 8.5ozs in the past 8 days, which is good.

First Weigh-In

The community midwife visited us at home today and did the preliminary health checks on Lucy. All seems fine and today was the first weight taken since her birth 5 days ago (was it only 5 days?). Her weight today was 4.340kg (9lbs 9ozs), which is a loss of 7.5ozs over her birth weight. It is considered normal for babies to lose up to 10% of their birth weight in the first week, so she’s doing fine.

Also done today was some blood taken from her heel for various tests – she didn’t like that one bit, although I think it was also partly because she was stripped naked for the weigh-in and she was getting hungry too.

Finally Arrived!

Well most of the world already knows about it, but this morning at 6:31 our daughter Lucy was born. Her weight at birth was 4.550kg, which is 10lbs and half an ounce.

Obviously this post has been written some time after the event (Sunday evening to be precise), but I’ve back-dated it to preserve the moment. Being a Dad has already thrown up all sorts of fun events, and we are blessed with a daughter who eats and sleeps very well.

Parenthood is brilliant.

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