Health Visitor 2 – The Return of the Weigh-In

Like an old Hollywood movie franchise, this blog post is pretty much the same as the first one, but with minor details of the plots changed to bring it more up-to-date. In our case, the weights have changed slightly (of Lucy, not the health visitor).

Yes, today was the second coming of the health visitor to our house. Next time it’s an away fixture, though, with Katrina taking Lucy to clinic. Giving her credit where credit’s due, the HV appears to have read the previous blog entry and responded well to the criticism*. I still have no idea what she does, because she turned up again, asked a few questions of Katrina and Lucy, scribbled a bit in a book, then weighed the baby (again, at our request) and left.

Weighing Lucy is a bit like playing Russian roulette, except that you have to suffer the consequences if you lose, and clean the mess up afterwards. Weighing is always done completely naked, which means even the nappy must go. Of course, there is then a window of opportunity between whipping the nappy away and placing her on the scales when your hand is in a prime location for a semi-permanent reminder of eau-de-baby-bot. Then there’s the reverse but this time with more chambers loaded: she’s now been naked for a good couple of minutes and usually crying because she’s cold, so all her body is pretty rigid. You don’t have to be a parent long before you discover what happens when your baby tenses their stomach muscles.

The weight today (as expected) was up on last weeks total: 4.70kg (10lbs 6oz). HV said she expected a bit more weight to be gained, but I thought 5oz in 9 days wasn’t too bad going. As she didn’t elaborate or seem concerned, then we’re happy. Lucy seems healthy and content, which is all we’re asking for at the minute.

* No, not really – she was probably just a bit better organised this time.