Another Weigh-In

Lucy had another weigh in today at clinic and has reached another milestone. Today was 4.98kg, which is a fraction off 11lbs!

Of course she’s still gorgeous and entertaining us both immensely. Every evening there’s a conversation between myself and Katrina where we discuss the things she’s done either during the night feed, or during the day. Current fun reports are as follows:

  • every opportunity she gets has the scratch mittens removed – today she somehow got her right scratch mitten under the left side of her head
  • before yawning, her arms just flop and hit the ground – no matter how much she’s waving around at the time, the arms just go limp, she yawns (a huge, mouth-stretching, head-rocking-from-side-to-side affair), then it’s back to frantically waving her arms around
  • with her nappy off, she can “run” (on her back) for absolutely ages – tonight it was full-tilt for about 20 minutes
  • the other night, it was like she was pretending to be asleep – she was wide-awake with big eyes looking around until she noticed Katrina watching her and then she shut her eyes really tight like she knew she should be asleep
  • it’s highly unlikely she can deliberately frown right now, but her timing seems to be impeccable – usually when I’m being stupid in front of her
  • she can fart loudly without the slightest change in facial expression – at other times a “wasn’t me guv” look crosses her face
  • … and of course, there’s the priceless smiles, which are ever-more frequent since the first one last weekend