Swapping of the Bins

I’ve already talked at length about our bin collection service it in the past when the bin men went on strike and I’m now surprised I’ve got another blog entry out of the subject.

In a bid to encourage recycling, Eastleigh Borough Council operates a fairly trimmed-down refuse collection service. Each household is issued with two 140 litre bins: one green (for recyclable materials) and one black (for general waste). Bins are collected alternate weeks, so black one week, green the next. You are not permitted to leave extra sacks by the black bin either – it’s all trying to get folks to recycle as much as possible. For some Luddites who come from areas which aren’t yet clued-up on recycling, this seems particularly harsh, but most people manage. Indeed, Hampshire has one of the country’s highest recycling rates. Even used batteries have a regular recycling collection.

Scene set, why does Ian care? Well, if there are more than two people living in the household, you are entitled to apply for larger bins. With the arrival of Lucy, our general waste has increased by a bit – enough to mean we cannot fit all of 2 weeks’ worth of rubbish into the black bin. We therefore applied for larger bins and they were delivered yesterday: two 240 litre monsters.

The problem was that our bin collection is on a Thursday and the old bins needed to be empty before being taken away. That means we had to find somewhere to put 4 days’ worth of general waste and 11 days’ worth of recycling waste. The recycling went in plastic bags in the shed, but the general waste went to the dump. That doesn’t sound a lot, but it really is when you come face-to-face with it.

I’ve also stuck the house number on the new bins to indicate which one is ours: Wickes DIY were out of plain white numbers, so I’ve had to go for a very classy-looking black on gold effect. Whoever thought bins could be so stylish?