Migrated Posts

Officially, I started writing this blog on October 4th, 2007. So why are there now entries dated before that?

Well on my original website, I made a start on posting some stuff but quickly got bored. The main problem was the use of Joomla 1.0: there was no easy way of posting to the website without going there, logging on, writing the post in a nasty WYSIWYG editor based on a web page. Things just took Far Too Long for my short span of attention. Then I discovered WordPress and w.bloggar (moving on later to Windows Live Writer). Things were good again.

Unfortunately, there was now some stuff on my original website (www.ianburnett.com), and some stuff in my blog. As mentioned the other day, I’ve started rebuilding my website using the new Joomla 1.5 system so what better time would there be to clear out the crud and put it into my blog, which is really more for personal rants and stupidity. That means I can leave my “proper” website for the purpose it was intended.

Everything that’s been moved across from my original website has been put into the category “Migrated”, and the original creation date has been preserved. So that’s why there’s entries before October 4th. You can see them all here or by clicking on the “Migrated” category in the navigation panel to the left.