Knock-Knock! Who’s There? Police!

This story from the BBC news site just cracked me up: Drugs Officers Raid Wrong House. Without needing to read the article, it is exactly how you think. Police barged into some poor 50-something woman’s house (through her now-broken window), then realised she wasn’t actually Manchester’s drugs epicentre.

The bit that really amused me was the following part of the story:

The occupant was at home at the time of the raid. Police declined to say how she had reacted.

I think we can all take a wild stab in the dark about her likely reaction can’t we? The story has a happy ending though – as if they were 7-year-old boys having just smashed a glass pane from her greenhouse:

Two policemen went round to the woman’s house and took her flowers and apologised.

Well that’s nice of them isn’t it?