Dust and Strawberry Jam

I was emptying out the vacuum cleaner the other day and something occurred to me: why does dust smell of dust?

It’s well-known that household dust is caused by a variety of less-than-pleasant substances: predominantly dead skin cells. Now I know for a fact that my skin doesn’t smell of dust, so why in powder form does it take on such a bizarre smell?

Talking of strange smells, the "new baby" smell is one too. It’s also well-known about how nice a new baby smells. Conventional wisdom holds that it’s the oils in a baby’s scalp which produce that aroma, so why does my daughter’s head smell of strawberry jam?

The only two things about her which actually smell of "baby" are her clothes (due to the fabric conditioner) and her dribble (which seems to be being produced in vast quantities). Now I’m guessing that Comfort Pure hasn’t been around since the dawn of time, so it must be the drool which causes the pleasant aroma. Which is just odd.

Send in the Clowns

Lucy is currently fascinated by almost anything. She is unbelievably nosey for an 11-week-old baby and wants to know everything that’s going on. It’s also her downfall, because she never wants to go to sleep if there’s something that looks interesting around her.

One thing which regularly grabs her attention for significant lengths of time is the clown letter-shapes we’ve stuck on her door.


For some reason, she will rest on my shoulder, staring at them. Occasionally, she will make a grab towards them. Now they’re quite nicely made and slightly unusual, but surely everything for a small baby is unusual? Sometimes I wonder why, but at others I am thankful for them: it usually distracts her from crying when she needs feeding for long enough to get a bottle made up.

Sometimes it’s Cool to be a Geek

This weekend has been predominantly spent rebuilding my PC following the installation of a RAID 10 array which is used to provide extra security for our numerous pictures and HD home videos. That, along with keeping Lucy entertained and generally healthy.

We’ve recently had some pretty high temperatures for May (mid 20s), which has meant the back bedroom has become a bit of a furnace at times. Messing with the PC has left the side of the case off for a while, and the sight of the large cooling fans gave me an idea.

Every PC builder worth his salt always ends up with a box of bits, to be used at an indeterminate time in the future. I dug out an old 80mm fan, along with a couple of internal PC power cables and hey presto: I have had a very cool, quiet fan running in front of me.

Being geeky is sometimes cool.

I Think We’re Gonna’ Need a Bigger Car Seat

The official weigh-in of Lucy today put her at 5.78kg (12lbs 12oz), which is over a pound gained in the past 2 weeks. That has also meant we’ve needed to adjust the car seat to suit.

Partly because it looked really comfortable and partly because it would be good for more than 6 months, we chose the Britax First Class Si Ultra car seat for Lucy. It’s a "group 0+1" unit, which means it’s suitable for babies from birth to 18kg, which is about 4 years of age. It has a "newborn insert", which is basically a lump of padding which stops little ones (i.e little 7lb babies) rattling around underneath the harness, even when fully-tightened.

Now that she’s passed the 5.5kg stage we’ve removed the newborn insert, which now means she looks lost in the car seat. It’s not going to be long before I’m adjusting it again though…

Busy, Blog, Busy, Blog, Busy, Blog

It’s May 7th and no posts in the blog so far this month.

I am still here, just too busy to write about what I’ve been busy doing. I guess that the next week will be spent writing about what I’ve just been busy doing, by which time, I’ll have been busy doing other stuff. That means I won’t be able to blog for a week (because I’m too busy) and it will take another week to catch up blogging about all the stuff I’ve been busy doing while I was blogging about how busy I’ve been.

And thus the cycle continues…