Sometimes it’s Cool to be a Geek

This weekend has been predominantly spent rebuilding my PC following the installation of a RAID 10 array which is used to provide extra security for our numerous pictures and HD home videos. That, along with keeping Lucy entertained and generally healthy.

We’ve recently had some pretty high temperatures for May (mid 20s), which has meant the back bedroom has become a bit of a furnace at times. Messing with the PC has left the side of the case off for a while, and the sight of the large cooling fans gave me an idea.

Every PC builder worth his salt always ends up with a box of bits, to be used at an indeterminate time in the future. I dug out an old 80mm fan, along with a couple of internal PC power cables and hey presto: I have had a very cool, quiet fan running in front of me.

Being geeky is sometimes cool.