Dust and Strawberry Jam

I was emptying out the vacuum cleaner the other day and something occurred to me: why does dust smell of dust?

It’s well-known that household dust is caused by a variety of less-than-pleasant substances: predominantly dead skin cells. Now I know for a fact that my skin doesn’t smell of dust, so why in powder form does it take on such a bizarre smell?

Talking of strange smells, the "new baby" smell is one too. It’s also well-known about how nice a new baby smells. Conventional wisdom holds that it’s the oils in a baby’s scalp which produce that aroma, so why does my daughter’s head smell of strawberry jam?

The only two things about her which actually smell of "baby" are her clothes (due to the fabric conditioner) and her dribble (which seems to be being produced in vast quantities). Now I’m guessing that Comfort Pure hasn’t been around since the dawn of time, so it must be the drool which causes the pleasant aroma. Which is just odd.