Why Has it Gone Quiet?

So why has there been such little activity on my blog over the past 6 weeks? Is it because I spend all my time actually working while at work? In part. Is it because I spend most of my time at home playing with my absolutely perfect daughter? In part. Is it because once she’s gone to sleep in her own room, I don’t want to disturb her by tapping away on a keyboard? In part. But it’s gone really quiet and none of the above reasons quite cover it.  So what gives?

The main factor in this is happiness: looking back through my blogs and there’s a couple of predominant themes running: rants about various parts of life which really get up my nose, and the baby. Obviously Lucy is still with us and providing us with no end of happiness and entertainment on a daily basis. This child-induced happiness just sort of spreads and compliment that with a reasonably-stable job at work, things don’t tend to get up my nose as much these days.

Until now.

I’ve mentioned before that I drive a diesel-powered Honda Accord – for ages diesel was within a couple of pence of petrol, but now it’s risen to be 12-13p above the cost of standard unleaded. How and when did that happen? I haven’t taken much notice of the green pump price for a while, and now I wish I’d never seen it. That’s around a 10% premium on top of unleaded.

Add to this, the notion that there’s greedy b*****ds like this bloke who was charging 199.9p/litre for a while. Grrrr.

My wife’s right – she can see when something’s annoyed me: “I can see a blog entry coming on”. Too damn right.