I’m Not the Only One

Apparently I’m not the only one with “communications issues”.

I mentioned a while back about being very busy and just not blogging, but I’m not the only guilty party here in my own little web world. The Maple Man (i.e. smaplehost) has also been quite lax in his blogging activity, despite what he claimed via MSN today.

Six entries in a year does not make a blogger – a bit like 36 points does not make a Premiership football team, eh Maples? At least you can take some consolation in the fact that your girlfriend’s team will probably stuff us live on Setanta later today.


  • Alas no, we didn’t stuff you ……. I’m a bit worried about this year too, having just seen Chelsea thump 4 past Pompey :oS

  • So, taking someone down with you, eh? Just coz you don’t blog much anymore :oP

    It also takes a brave man to mention the Liverpool, Sunderland game just before kick off! 1-0 will do me! 🙂