Y O Y do U DIY?

Wandering through my local DIY store today, I heard a PA announcement advertising their “B&Q handymen”. Basically you buy some materials, decide you can’t finish the job for some reason (I suspect incompetence being the primary one) and then you call in their handymen to do the work for you.

So what’s the point? If you’re going to get a tradesman in, you shop around, get a couple of competitive quotes and let them do all the hard work of sourcing the materials at trade prices. With this “helpful service”, you buy your materials from a Do It Yourself store and then decide to pay someone (presumably at a high rate) to do the job anyway.

So does that count as DIY or not? You’ve probably paid over-the-odds for materials and put the marks throughout the car where you tried to shove those four 8ft lengths of timber through the sunroof. You also probably wasted a couple of weekends before realising you’re actually never going to be a master carpenter. Or even a dab-hand with a flat-pack-furniture allen key for that matter. It will certainly feel like the whole DIY experience.

B&Q handymen: for those people with more money than talent.

One comment

  • No need to wreck the car… I think you could probs get a couple of tonnes worth of wood, 5m in length out on a trolley… just a guess of course!

    Happy days…