For a long time I’ve been convinced my daughter is part owl. The way she can turn her head around almost 180 degrees is quite something to behold as she attempts to watch what’s going on in the entire room all at once.

Now she’s starting to move herself, she’s begun sleeping in a position which I think is reflective of the fact about 10% of her DNA is snail. Somehow she can turn herself from back to front (which is de rigeuer for a baby her age) and then wriggle her knees up to her chest, tucking in the elbows and putting her head on her hands. As I found out today she can do all this with hardly a brushing of the bed sheets.

What you’re left with is a curled-up baby with her bum in the air looking for all like world like a snail in profile. Because she’s lying on her front though, she’s dribbling onto the bedding, which means that as she moves around the cot, there’s a distinct trail of baby drool left wherever she’s been.

As I say, part baby, part owl, part snail.