For God’s Sake Slow Down!

Related to yesterday’s driving-related post, here’s another. I’ve discovered the best way to get people to slow down on motorways and it involves the combination of two things I saw on the M1 the other day.

We were driving along and the overhead gantry signs started flashing “40”. Obviously everyone just ignored that and continued down the M1 at 70mph+. Business as usual then.

A few miles later though (once the signs had stopped flashing), I noticed an advertising hoarding in a farmer’s field advertising some church-related thing. Unfortunately I only managed to read the headline before attention was needed elsewhere.

It did give me an idea though: how about combining the bible message with the modern motorway technology? Imagine coming round a bend and being faced with a flashing sign which simply read:

Prepare to Meet Your God

I’m sure that would slow down a lot of people if they thought death was imminent.