Single Protection at Double the Price

Every now and again, I get junk mail from Domestic & General about our Hotpoint kitchen appliances. D&G are the people who provide the maintenance contracts on everything in your kitchen – it’s what you end up with if you say yes to the “extended warranty” offer in Currys.

I’ve never bothered in the past, and certainly won’t in the future, given my out-laws’ recent experience. Their fridge failed and invoked the service, only to find themselves having to borrow a fridge from a neighbour while the service company sorted things out. For six weeks. Being without a fridge in 1932 was seen as normal. Being without a fridge in 2008 in just appalling.

Normally I just recognise the typeface and return address on the envelope and bin/recycle it immediately. For some reason, I’ve opened all three envelopes tonight to see what was in them. The first one was offering me protection on my “refrigeration unit”, which will cost £65 for the year.

No thanks.

Next envelope I opened, was offering me protection on my fridge freezer, which will cost £74 for the year.

Hang on a sec.

So what’s my “refrigeration unit” then if the second envelope was for the fridge freezer? We have Hotpoint pretty much throughout our kitchen: oven, hob, extractor hood, washing machine, and fridge freezer. We certainly don’t have more than one unit which provides refrigeration facilities though.

So what would happen if I just blindly sent off the card details without thinking? What would I get for the extra £74 a year?

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