Broadband is back!

I’m writing this blog because I can.

On Saturday lunchtime, my broadband died and refused to reconnect. No ADSL sync light, just a router reporting “link down”. Boo! This came only a couple of weeks after my old ADSL router silently died on duty.

The actual route taken to getting things back online is tedious, so I’ll not bother explaining it. At one point though, I was struggling along working from home on 38.6kbps dial-up access. Now that’s not funny for two reasons. Primarily because it takes an age to download even the simplest of web pages, but mostly because ping times to the systems at work were monumentally slow (600-1000ms).

Anyway, all is fixed now, with the magic light suddenly reappearing at about 12 noon today – that’s about 48 hours without broadband.

I’m surprised I’m still alive: the therapy session is booked in for tomorrow.