New Toy Number 2

Last night I won an eBay auction for an HP iPAQ h5550 PDA. I’ve been looking at getting such a device for a short while and this one came up on the global tat bazaar for a reasonable-looking price. Included in the package is the iPAQ, a spare high-capacity battery, two docking stations, two mains chargers, a car charger, a case, plus an external folding keyboard (also in a case), all fully boxed with the software bundle.

This was an absolute bargain at just £50 including P&P. When they were first launched (mid-2003), this was the state-of-the-art PocketPC machine to have: fingerprint scanner, wireless connectivity, bluetooth, SD expansion capabilities, plus a massive 128MB of RAM. List price was a hefty £500 though.

After a quick exchange of e-mails with the seller last night, he’s going to post it today and I should have it by tomorrow.