More iPAQ

I’m just starting to appreciate quite how good my new device actually is. It’s an HP iPAQ 5550 (with PDF link), which apparently was the PDA to have 6 years ago.

It comes with 128MB RAM, which to me sounds quite small but back in 2003 it was considered state-of-the-art. I’m now starting to see why though. The Windows Mobile 2003 OS it runs on is just so efficient. For a while I was very careful about having too many applications running at once, but starting up Word, Excel, Windows Media Player, Jawbreaker (a game), Internet Explorer, Contacts and Calendar all use less than 15MB of memory. With just under 64MB allocated for programs, that should easily be enough for my purposes.

I’ve yet to start downloading applications from the web to make it even more useful, but I’ve now got all of my contact and calendar data stored on it. In fact, it’s pretty much doing everything I wanted of it now. I can one-way sync from my work Lotus Notes calendar using Lotus EasySync, plus two-way sync with my home calendar. That lets me always know when I need to be in the office without firing up my laptop. It also lets me check to see when we’re supposed to be visiting family in the North, or when people are visiting us. Add to that governors’ meetings and the collection of contacts I’ve built-up over the years and it’s becoming near essential already.

The only thing I really want working now is the wireless, which seems to be a bit tricky at present, despite flashing to the very latest firmware and putting the newest drivers on.