So How Did I Do?

Rubbish actually. I think I’ll avoid football punditry and stick to programming.

My predictions were:

  • Sunderland 0 – 2 Chelsea
  • Hull 1 – 1 Man United
  • Aston Villa 2 – 3 Newcastle

Actual results were:

  • Sunderland 2 – 3 Chelsea
  • Hull 0 – 1 Man United
  • Aston Villa 1 – 0 Newcastle

I also predicted the Villa / Mags match would be a cracker and by all accounts it seems to have been crap.

It’s also good that I’m not a betting man, because Chelsea for a win was 19/20. I think that means that if I’d put a fiver on each of my predictions, I would have shelled out £15, and won back £9.75. Net loss of £5.25.

It does, however, mean that both the Mags and Boro are down. That’s worth a fiver of my money any day.